I’m Gunna Wreck It Wednesday: Level 1

Hello my beautiful mouse lovers,

So… long time no read right? I am really sorry about that! I’ve been traveling a lot as of late and have honestly been kind of stumped on how to properly create content for this blog on a consistent basis. BUT I’m sure there will be plenty to write about soon because I LEAVE FOR DISNEY WORLD IN FOUR DAYS!!! 

It’s crazy to think that when I started this on my birthday, there was seventy something days until I left. Where did the time go? Anyways…. The next few posts will probably be me freaking out about packing and moving across the country, so get excited!

Today however, is not informational at all but rather the beginning of a creative series.

A few days ago I bought a Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith. For those who don’t know, it’s a journal that gives you different prompts on how to destroy the journal. I’m talking prompts like “Take this book in the shower with you” and “Use this book as a napkin.” I thought that it would be a new and unique way to document my college program experience.

The rules for this journal are simple:

  1. Carry this with you everywhere you go.
  2. Follow the instructions on every page.
  3. Order is not important.
  4. Instructions are up for interpretation.

So today I am going to show you the few pages that I’ve started because I was too excited to wait until I got to Florida.

Title Page: Wreck It Ralph 

Wreck It Ralph

This page is what inspired the name of the series. I want each page to have some sort of disney theme in some way and the opportunity to draw Wreck it Ralph was just too great to pass up.

This is just a picture that I sketched in pencil, went over it with my pilot juice pen, and then colored in with colored pencils. I had a LOT of fun playing around with this page.

Pages 56 and 57: Compost this page. Watch it decompose. 


This is by far my favorite of the three or four pages I’ve done so far. I know it’s a little early to pick favorites but this Wall-E is probably  one of the best things I’ve ever drawn and successfully colored.

My plan for this page is… pushing me out of my comfort zone. I got the idea from this youtube video by Moriah who does a Wreck This Journal series (which you should totally check out, she’s so creative and I’m sure that some more of her ideas will inspire my pages in some way.)

What I plan to do when I get to Florida is to tear the Wall-E page in half and bury one half outside of my apartment. I’ll leave it there for a week or so and then (hopefully) retrieve the half page and reattach it.

Wall-E was my obvious inspiration for this page because I thought it would be cool to sort of document the deterioration of my Wall-E in a similar way that he is worn down in the movie. I have a hard time with the idea of tearing this picture in half because it may be the best think I’ll ever draw BUT I do like the idea so… we will see.

Page 177: Close the journal. Write/scribble something on the edges.

This one was really simple but I also love the results. After binge watching a bunch of Wreck This Journal process videos, I needed to buy water color paints. I’m sure my mom will roll her eyes and tell me something like “Kaylee, you’re leaving in less than a week! Are you planning on bringing this stuff with you?” Well mom voice in my head, yes… yes I do plan on brining what I can. 🙂

So for this, I just did a rainbow pattern along the edges of the book. I think I want to add some sort of design involving Mickey heads but… inspiration hasn’t struck me so for now it is just bright and rainbowy.

Well, those are the pages that I have started. I’m hoping to post a Wreck it Wednesday post at least once a month but maybe more often depending on how many pages I complete.

Do you have an art journal? Do you have ideas for specific pages or maybe even entirely new posts you’d like to see? I love talking to you guys so feel free to reach out! Thank you so much for reading this and I hope this will be the first of many!

Until next time, have a magical day!

Your friendly neighborhood Disnerd,


The Road to El Disney: Before You Apply

So at this point, I suppose it’s time to get into the nitty gritty of the Disney College Program application process. I can give my personal experience but all the information you need can be found here at the college program website. The website can be a little cumbersome to navigate but I promise all of the information is there!

Before getting into the actual application, I think it is important to write this “Before You Apply” post. I whole heartedly believe that this program is an amazing opportunity for anybody in any major with any life goals. However, there are few questions that you should ask yourself before you apply.

Do I have the money for the program?

While applying to this internship is free, accepting is not. Upon accepting a position, one must pay a fee of $350 for the Disney World program and $898 for the Disneyland program. I believe you have 3 days after accepting your position to pay the fees, so make sure to start saving before applying.

Do I have time in my academic schedule for the program?

If you are on a strict four year plan or in a rigorous degree program, I would recommend waiting until after graduation. (You can apply to the program within 6 months after graduation). Even if you aren’t on a strict graduation schedule, it’s important to research with your school and financial aid to see how long you have aid for.

Personally, I am not getting credit through my university for the program (that is a WHOLE post worth of ranting I could do). So, in order to keep my financial aid and to keep my loans from becoming due, I am taking 6 credits through my university online. The classes aren’t particularly helpful for my major (which… I guess I don’t really HAVE a major because, hello I have no clue what I’m doing with my life) but they are easy enough and I find them interesting.

So I highly highly HIGHLY recommend speaking with your school about the program before applying. Your university may even have a DCP representative who has done the program and can help you work with your school.

Do I have time in my life schedule for this?

This opportunity is amazing but sometimes, it’s just not meant to be right then. Sometimes with family, significant others, work, or whatever else is happening in life, it is hard to even think about an internship like this.

It is important to evaluate whether you can afford to leave a job or be in a long distance relationship with a significant other. While I don’t think you should let somebody else (such as a significant other or family member) decide whether or not you try for any sort of position or opportunity that you want, you know what’s best for you and your life.


So I guess that’s my input on what you should consider before applying. I think the best advice I can give is do your research before you apply. Watch youtube videos, read through the Disney website, maybe look around on Facebook for DCP groups, and keep checking out blogs like like this. Knowledge is power and personally, I would have been a lot more stressed out had I not only been trying to work with my school about credit but also not knowing how the process of applying worked.

The next part in this series will be about the initial application that you submit when Disney opens up their systems. I haven’t decided how many parts will be in this series so I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned! Thank you so much for taking interest in my journey! I know that these informative posts can get kind of boring but I have 67 more days until I check in to the program and that’s when things will get exciting! (Or ya know, I get busy and this blog falls off the face of the earth!)


Have an idea that you would like to see? I LOVE reading comments that you guys leave, so feel free to get in contact!

So until next time, this is your friendly neighborhood Disnerd signing off!


My Disneyland Bucket List

Hello my mouseketeer friends! So, I suppose I’m on a sort of bucket list roll this week. With work being slow (even though I’m currently on call, res life is pretty quiet during the summer) I have been doing a lot of reflecting on what I want to achieve and how I want to get the most out of my adventures.

Well, I am going on a vacation to Disneyland in THREE days! This vacation is pretty big for a few reasons:

  • It will be my very first time in Disneyland
  • It will be my very first adult vacation, one that I paid for entirely and my parents won’t be coming with me.
  • It will be my first girls trip with my very very best friend, Macy. 🙂

I am so excited and grateful that not only am I going to Disneyland (to walk the streets that Walt himself walked! EEK!) but they are still celebrating the Diamond celebration! The luggage tags they sent us in our package are adorable!

Aren’t these the cutest luggage tags! Disney really is great at the little things.

So, here it is! My (admittedly unrealistic) bucket list for Disneyland! While I will only be there for a week this time, who says it’s the last time?!


  • Eat a Dole Whip (because I’ve heard some debate on which park is better WDW or DLR)
  • Eat Mickey beignets
    • I’ve honestly been obsessed with trying beignets since I first saw Princess and the Frog but surprisingly, they are hard to find in my Alaskan city.
  • Eat a Disney churro: 6/2/16
    • I blame Thingamavlogs for this one.
    • Update: Thingamavlogs was right, they are quite delicious
  • Eat a Mickey premium bar
  • Eat a cream cheese pretzel: 6/2/16
    • I heard that they no longer sell these at Disney World so I HAVE to get one!
    • Update: This was literally the best pretzel I’ve ever had and they really should just have them everywhere.
  • Eat a Matterhorn Macaroon
  • Order Starbucks at Disney


  • Stay at a Disney hotel: 6/2/16
    • My best friend and I are staying at the Paradise Pier and it’s lovely!
  • Take a photo while sitting on Walt’s bench
  • Disneybound!
  • Send postcard from the park
  • Take a picture in front of the castle
  • Make a wish in the wishing well
  • See a Disneyland cat
    • I’ve heard that there are a bunch of cats on Disney property and I think it would be cool to see one. 
  • See all the shows and attractions
    • World of Color
    • Fantasmic
    • Paint the Night
    • Disneyland Forever Fireworks: 6/2/16
    • Remember… Dreams Come True
    • Mickey’s Soundsational Parade
  • Ride all the rides! (or ya know… a lot of them)
    • Haunted Mansion: 6/2/16
    • Finding Nemo Subs
    • Big Thunder Mountain
    • Buzz Lightyears Astro Blasters: 6/2/16
      • Level 3 score! Not bad for my first time huh? Also, the ride broke down while we were on it so, whoo!
    • California Screamin’
    • Disney Monorail
    • Disney Railroad
    • Dumbo
    • It’s a Small World: 6/2/16
    • Splash Mountain
    • Jungle Cruise: 6/2/16
      • “Ladies and gentleman please watch your step and watch your head. If you misstep and hit your head, then please watch your language. There are children everywhere.” Probably the best line ever.
    • Matterhorn
    • Peter Pan’s Flight
      • I have to say, as cute and detailed as this ride is… I honestly do not understand why there is always a 40 minute wait. I would not ever wait that long again.
    • Pirates of the Caribbean: 6/2/16
    • Radiator Spring Racers
    • Soarin’ over California
    • Toy Story Midway Mania
      • Probably the trip favorite! We rode this ride at least 6 times while we were down there.
    • Tower of Terror
    • Space Mountain
    • Indiana Jones
    • Mickey’s Fun Wheel
    • The Little Mermaid
    • The Enchanted Tiki Room
    • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
    • Star Tours
    • Alice in Wonderland
    • Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride
    • Pinocchio’s Daring Adventure
    • Grizzly River Run
    • Monsters Inc. Mike and Sully to the Rescue!


This list is really short because I really just want to meet the one’s I plan on Disneybounding as while on vacation!

  • Mickey Mouse
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Peter Pan
  • Tinkerbell
  • Ariel
  • Pooh and friends

Merchandise/Other Things

  • Get 1st Visit button:6/2/16
  • Get I’m Celebrating button
  • Get a Birthday Button:6/2/16
  • Disneyland pin
  • You Are Here mugs
    • Disneyland
    • California Adventures
  • Mickey/Minnie Ears: 6/2/16
    • I got a Minnie Mouse snapback today, not quite ears but as a glasses wearer who doesn’t own prescription sunglasses it was much needed in the sun. I still want to get the Diamond celebration ears though!
  • Mickey Balloon


So that’s my list so far… It will probably grow once I’ve been there and have an idea of other things I want to do but I am SO excited to go! Making this list makes me just more eager to get on that plane!

Ta Ta for now loves!

My Disney College Program Bucket List

So, everybody makes one and I’m not going to lie… I started making this list as soon as I learned that it was a thing. The infamous DCP bucket list! Since this will not only be an opportunity to live in Disney World but it is also my very first trip!

I tried to organize these the best I could and I’ll try my best to keep the list updated once I get down to Disney! I realize this list is really long, so feel free to get comfy because this will be a read. Also, I apologize for lack of pictures! It’s really hard to have pictures that are Disney related when you’ve never been to a Disney park!



  • Eat around the world at EPCOT
  • Conquer the Kitchen Sink at Beaches and Cream
    • My roommates and I already have a reservation for our first night there! If you don’t know, the Kitchen Sink is a giant ice cream sundae (we are talkin’ a whole can of whipped cream) served in… you guessed it, an actual kitchen sink.
  • Eat a Mickey Pants Sunday
  • Disney Cupcake Crawl
  • Try all the sodas at Club Cool
  • Try Lefou’s Brew at Gaston’s Cavern
  • Try the Gray Stuff
  • Eat at Be Our Guest
  • Eat at 50’s Prime Time
  • Have an Up Sundae at Soda Fountain
    • I don’t actually know if this is a thing or where it is exactly? It could be at the Ghirardelli Soda Fountain in Disneyland and that would be embarrassing but I’ve seen pictures of these sundaes and they look adorable.
  • Eat a Mickey Waffle
  • Eat at 1900 Park Faire
  • Eat at Ohanas
  • Eat at Chef Mickeys
  • Eat at Cinderella’s Royal Table
  • Eat tye dye cheesecake at Pop Century
  • Eat a Mickey caramel apple
  • Eat a nutella waffle sandwich
  • Eat a dole whip
  • Eat a cream cheese pretzel
  • Eat only Mickey shaped foods for a whole park day
  • Order Disney Starbucks (because it will obviously taste better right?)





  • Visit every resort
    • Polynesian
    • Grand Floridian
    • Contemporary
    • All Star Resort
    • Animal Kingdom Lodge
    • Art of Animation
    • Yacht and Beach
    • Boardwalk
    • Pop Century
  • Visit every resort during the holidays
  • See a Disney proposal
  • See every WDW show (keep in mind that I used the Disney website and itineraries to list all of these and I don’t even know what some of these are!)
    • Celebrate the Magic
    • Beauty and the Beast
    • Captain Jack’s Pirate Tutorial
    • Festival of the Lion King
    • Finding Nemo
    • Frozen Sing Along Celebration
    • Incredible’s Super Dance Party
    • Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular
    • Flights of Wonder
    • Lights,Motors, Action!
      • I guess this doesn’t exist anymore. 😦
    • Cirque De Soleil
    • Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire
    • Rivers of Light
    • Starwars: A Galactic Spectacular
    • World Showcase shows4f7c4d5f00d2415ac4b8030864e0f86a
  • See every WDW parade
    • Festival of Fantasy
    • Main Street Electrical
    • Rainy Day
    • Move It! Shake It! Dance & Play It!
    • Mickey’s “Boo to You”
  • See all WDW fireworks
    • Wishes
    • Illuminations
    • Fantasmic
    • Symphony in the Stars
    • Hallow Wishes
  • See the Kiss Goodnight
  • Attend Mickey’s Not So Scary
  • Attend Mickey’s Very Merry
  • Make a wish at the wishing well
  • Become a Wilderness Explorer
  • Send a letter/postcard from the park
  • Visit both water parks
    • Typhoon Lagoon
    • Blizzard Beach
  • See a movie in Disney Springs
  • Bowl at Splitzville
  • Pick a pearl from the Japan pavilion in EPCOT
  • Go to Universal
  • The 24 Hour Challenge
    • All 4 parks in one day!
  • Spend an entire day in one park
  • Get pixie dusted
  • Send a care package home
  • Space Mountain with the lights on
  • Conquer all 4 mountains in one day
    • Expedition Everest
    • Big Thunder Mountain
    • Space Mountain
    • Splash Mountain
  • Killmanjaro Safari
  • Characters in Flight hot air balloon
  • Mini golf in Disney
  • Collect all the pressed coins
  • Go to Universal
  • Be the last person/group in a park
  • Take a picture with a River Country rock
    • So this is odd, but I really like urban exploring videos and such. If you’ve never heard of WDW’s abandoned water park… it’s a pretty interesting google search. But there is some remnants that are still accessible and I think it would be cool to take a picture with a piece of Disney history.


  • Meet Gaston
  • Create an autograph instax album
  • Meet Mickey and Minnie in their cap and gown
  • See the Dapper Dans
  • Meet Mary Poppins
  • Meet all the princessesDraw a character at the animation studio
  • Take a picture with a character while disneybounding

Cast Member Exclusives

  • Create a magical momentmarypoppinsquote_blackandwhite
  • Give roommate gifts
  • Play grocery bingo
  • Shop at Cast Connections
  • Shop at Company D
  • Receive a Four Keys
  • Give a Four Keys
  • Pick up shifts in all 4 parks
  • VoluntEAR
  • Attend a cast member only event
  • Attend a DCP event
  • Go to a networking event

Merchandise/Other Things 

  • Get personalized ears
  • Get personalized magic band
  • Get a First Visit button
  • Get an I’m Celebrating button
  • Buy a Mickey balloon
  • Buy a Disney ornament
  • Buy an Alex and Ani bracelet
  • Buy Pandora charms
  • Buy the “You are Here” mugs from each park

*Now with merchandise… I already have a long list of items I want to buy but these are the sort of big-ticket/iconic items that I want/need.

Well, that’s my list. What do you think? Any big things that I am missing? I realize a lot of this probably won’t get done but its good to have goals right? I am so excited for this adventure and can’t wait for what’s to come!

The Best Adventures Start With a Mouse

Tomorrow is my 20th birthday and I still ponder what I want to do when I grow up.


We all know that person who has had their life planned out since they were four years old. I am not that person. I have plenty of hobbies and things I like to do, however unless there’s a job where I get paid to eat and sleep everyday, I have a hard time thinking of something I would be elated to do for the rest of my life.

A year ago, I decided that I needed something new in my life. I have so many friends who have these crazy stories about the moment they discovered what they wanted in life. A epiphany that occurred as they were backpacking across Europe or looking out after climbing a mountain or whatever moment they were in, and I needed that. So I began researching what I could do to have my aha moment.

I decided I wasn’t down for backpacking across Europe. I have seen enough horror movies to put me off from traveling by myself to foreign countries (add that to pretty bad social anxiety and you have a no go). I thought about traveling abroad for a semester, however my school has very strict requirements for exchanges and since I am an exploratory major (aka, I have no clue what I’m doing with my life), I didn’t qualify for any of the programs.

One day, there was an email in my inbox from Disney. The newsletter from Disney had a list of things going on within the company and they had a blurb about Disney College Program (DCP for short) applications. Now, I had read about this program my senior year of high school while searching for scholarships, but I quickly passed over (and apparently completely forgot about) it due to the fact that you have to have some college experience to be eligible.

I have been a huge fan of Disney since I was a little girl. I remember the collection of over 100 Disney VHS tapes that my aunt had been building for me since I was a baby that was displayed in our living room. My plan for life when I was four was to be a Disney princess (if only it were that easy right?). As I had gotten older, my love for the Disney company grew. I wrote research papers about Walt Disney and have memorized every fact about every aspect of the company that I have been able to find. Disney has always been a comforting reminder of childhood whimsy, but it could never be more than just a nostalgic hobby… right?

Aha. I found it. My backpacking across Europe was just sitting there in an email and I quickly became obsessed. I remember hours of DCP vlogs and reading all the information that Disney had on the program. I remember telling my mom about the program and how badly I needed to go. It was the first thing that I was excited about after being completely burnt out from school for so long. The Disney College Program was the first thing in a long while that I was sure about, something inside of me needed it.

Applications dropped in January 2016 for their 2016 fall programs. While I plan on getting into way more details about my application process, here’s a big spoiler, I made it. In 75 days, I will be in Walt Disney World as a merchandise cast member and I have never been more excited about anything ever.

So this is my electronic documentation, for myself, my family, and I suppose whoever you are (ooh breaking that fourth wall), about my journey. Learning more about myself through working for the mouse, and hopefully having that aha moment along the way.